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Some of Our Clients

NextGem client: Alaska Wild Berry Products
Alaska Wild Berry Products

Alaska Wild Berry Products   (NextGEM client since 2003)

Design, e-commerce, copywriting, online marketing, website rescue

Alaska Wild Berry Products sells souvenirs and Alaska-themed gifts to tourist, locals, and Alaska fans throughout North America. In addition, they operate a small theme park and theater space that operates throughout the beautiful Anchorage summers.

This website project combined a very substantial initial build with continuing periodic marketing initiatives including creation and management of their monthly email newsletter, catalog maintenance, search engine marketing and analytics, and seasonal graphics updates.

“First-class job on the Alaska Wild Berry Products website. It's exciting, it's fun, it's informative, it's a website destination! It makes us all proud. Thank you so very much, Littlejohn.”

NextGem client: Maysara Winery
Maysara Winery

Maysara Winery   (NextGEM client since 2010)

Website design, e-commerce, content management

Maysara (which means "House of Wine" in ancient Persian) is a close-knit, family-owned vineyard and winery in the Willamette Valley viticultural area of Oregon. Their astounding Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Blanc wines are starting to get the attention they deserve.

Their new website, launched in January 2011, highlights the beauty of the Maysara label style while providing all the functionality a winery requires including direct online sales, cellar club memberships and discounting, specialized shipping calculator, and content management for distributor sales materials.

NextGem client: Shop Lerant
Shop Lerant

Shop Lerant   (NextGEM client since 2009)

Design, development, Mercantool E-commerce

Lerant is a well-established high-end furnishings retail establishment in Houston Texas.

Building an elegant site is easy with such spectacular product photography. Unfortunately many online retailers skimp on this area. We were thrilled when Lerant went to the extra effort to provide extraordinary photos and it shows in the results.

A major site redesign in 2014 continues to give their competitors a run for their money.

NextGem client: W.J. Byrnes
W.J. Byrnes

W.J. Byrnes   (NextGEM client since 2010)

Website design, Content Management

For over 100 years W.J. Byrnes of San Francisco has consulted in the complex field of international shipping logistics. Unfortunately their website was nearly as old as the business itself.

In 2010 W.J. Byrnes hired us to rejuvenate the design and technologies. The client was closely involved with both the look and content and we are pleased to have developed their vision.

Services included consulting which led to a migration to a new primary domain name, a long sequence of proffered designs with extensive input from the client, copywriting, complex form design, and custom backend data management tools. Their extensive collection of external links is unusual but fits their specialized needs.

“We knew from the start that redeveloping our web site would be a special project due to its scope, complex business area, and public image of the CEO. Littlejohn’s advice, technical guidance and development were essential to bringing our web site and ideas to life.  We’re excited by the resulting site; our clients and overseas partners are, too. Thank you very much, Littlejohn, for helping us move forward.”

NextGem client: One Planet Photography
One Planet Photography

One Planet Photography   (NextGEM client since 2011)

Website design, E-commerce, Content Management

Artist websites have been a special interest of ours for many years and photography is particularly interesting due to the challenges of fidelity and merchandising of visual products on the web.

NextGem client: Hyland Estates Winery
Hyland Estates Winery

Hyland Estates Winery   (NextGEM client since 2012)

Mercantool e-commerce, hosting

NextGem client: The Four Graces Winery
The Four Graces Winery

The Four Graces Winery   (NextGEM client since 2009)

Website redevelopment, content management

In late 2009 when their previous web developer suddenly went out of business this winery found themselves in a difficult and urgent situation. They chose to move their services to NextGEM because of our long history with successful Oregon wineries and our specialized winery website skillset.

The design we migrated over was quite dated however and some of the choices made by the previous developers were holding our client back. We proposed — then delivered — a whole-site overhaul including reader-friendly colors and text formats, more rational architecture and navigation, valid HTML/CSS code, advanced display functionality, and content management tools so the client could update their own text and images.

Of course we've found it's important when redesigning established sites to gently reincorporate enough of the previous design to give existing customers an experience that's consistent and familiar. That's why the web design should evolve smoothly. When it's time to update branding it should be done with respect and attention to what's come before.

“It is a pleasure to work with NextGEM. They know how to improve our website in conjunction with our style guidelines, capacity to maintain the site and our budget. NextGEM facilitates changes easily and efficiently. I would highly recommend them.”

NextGem client: Art Fair SourceBook
Art Fair SourceBook

Art Fair SourceBook   (NextGEM client since 1997)

Site development: design, Mercantool, custom apps, updates, forum management

Art Fair SourceBook is a subscription service for professional artists who sell at the thousands of US art and craft fairs. They rely on AFSB to guide them through choosing and applying to the shows where they earn their living. AFSB compiles scores of organized data items for each of the fairs.

We developed and maintain AFSB's website which includes 300,000 facts compiled in a powerful searchable database. Interactive calendar and mapping displays and automated reminder emails assist artists in planning their exhibitions. Finally, an online forum brings hundreds of artists together to discuss professional interests. This forum promotes site loyalty.

“Since 1997 you have been critical to our success. The ground-breaking website you built and continue to expand for us makes us the focus of our industry.”

NextGem client: Huntco Supply
Huntco Supply

Huntco Supply   (NextGEM client since 2004)

Site design and development, simplified e-commerce

Huntco manufactures and markets architectural site furnishings such as bike racks, outdoor benches, and concrete ash cans to architects and commercial builders.

By upgrading their previous design into a highly visual display, we've increased the visibility of their photography and the accessibility of their product documentation.

“NextGEM has helped me organize and grow my business without breaking the bank. Their response time continues to impress me and they have been extremely helpful on the creative front. They are always there when I need them and a joy to deal with.”

NextGem client: Chris Coffey Photographs
Chris Coffey Photographs

Chris Coffey Photographs   (NextGEM client since 2005)

Website design and Mercantool integration

Chris Coffey, like about half of our clients, was starting his first website. A talented photographer with ambition of expanding his business to include internet sales, his exquisite, highly artful black and white images require a totally focused display to keep the eye's attention on the detail. We recommended a black background to allow the images to speak for themselves.

Chris Coffey's grand (and stark) black and white photography requires a special touch. The delicacy and power of his images can never be successfully reproduced on a computer monitor, but we've done our best with this intentionally minimalist, unornamented, greyscale design.

NextGem client: Hungry Rooster
Hungry Rooster

Hungry Rooster   (NextGEM client since 2012)

Design, Content Management

An explosion in North American street food culture brings an explosion in street food websites. Hungry Rooster is a wholesale producer and retail purveyor of Polish perogies in innovated fusion recipes.

The Hungry Rooster website includes a back-end calendar management tool.

NextGem client: Folin Cellars
Folin Cellars

Folin Cellars   (NextGEM client since 2011)

Website rescue, coding overhaul, design updates, e-commerce

Folin Cellars asked us to transfer their website while integrating Mercantool e-commerce with some content management tools. At the same time we recognized the value of rewriting the HTML/CSS codebase for modernization, debugging accuracy, and general compatibility. By keeping their pre-existing general design we were able to keep the transfer and upgrade costs very reasonable.

NextGem client: VIP PDX

VIP PDX   (NextGEM client since 2008)

Website design and development

Starting with a do-it-yourself website, VIP PDX hired us to build a website more in keeping with their growing professionalism.

The slideshow incorporated throughout the site give VIP PDX a chance to showcase their collection of photography and entice new customers.

“NextGem created an outstanding website for our transportation business, VIP PDX. LJ's knowledge, guidance and timeliness were unsurpassed during the course of the project and we consistently get compliments on our site from clients. We couldn't be happier!”

NextGem client: NW Core Collection
NW Core Collection

NW Core Collection   (NextGEM client since 2007)

Content management, website rescue

NW Core Collection serves wineries with complex distribution and research services. Our job was to develop sophisticated Content Management services through which NWCC could manage a vast store of marketing information for each of their clients.

“Finding NextGEM was a stroke of luck in the early days of our company.  They helped design a useful website for our customers, and they built a great background framework for us to be able to do continual updates ourselves.  I appreciate their willingness to provide suggestions and alternatives when I can't articulate what I want, too!”

NextGem client: Grand Cru Estates
Grand Cru Estates

Grand Cru Estates   (NextGEM client since 2008)

Website design and development

Initial discussions involved building this entire site in Flash, but after addressing the drawbacks inherent in that method, the client decided to build traditionally while aiming for the visual appeal of Flash sites. This compromise allowed us to achieve the important technical advantages of HTML/CSS.

On this job we worked closely with the client's marketing manager who coordinated all copy, photography, and graphics assets as well as organized the client reviews. The job went smoothly and quickly and the results are excellent.

“They made an extraordinary website. Starting with the first telephone meeting and through every step, their technological explanations were understandable, they made important editing choices, and the finished product is finely tuned. They made the process understandable, do-able, professional, personal, and possible. Most importantly it turned out like I had always imagined it. I recommend this team highly for any project.”

NextGem client: Town of Chicken, Alaska
Town of Chicken, Alaska

Town of Chicken, Alaska   (NextGEM client since 2011)

Graphic design, website development, Mercantool e-commerce

NextGem client: Solena Estate Winery
Solena Estate Winery

Solena Estate Winery   (NextGEM client since 2004)

Website design, Mercantool e-commerce, content management

Solena Estate Winery is owned by the powerhouse team of Laurent Montalieu and Danielle Andrus Montalieu whose winemaking activities are spread throughout Oregon's famous Willamette Valley.

Their flagship winery name is a combination of the Latin names for the Sun and Moon and is named after their daughter Solena.